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AFTER Black Saturday Memorial
Town hall wall in Hutton St, Kyneton       2010
Full story here
PUBLIC ART some of the past projects.....
Angel riverwalk sculpture
Quarry Reserve Park, Piper St, Kyneton   2016
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Mystery Art Trail installations 
Tiles positioned at 14 sites around Kyneton   2021
social f.JPG
fertile seeds.JPG
Fertile Seeds childrens' playground   Mercy Hospital Heildelberg                 2018
in collaboration with Tony Barnes of Moonshine Pottery 
fertile seeds logo.JPG
fertile seed 1.JPG
fertile seeds centre tree.JPG
60 Years 60 Shoes mural
RM Begg Aged Care, Ebden St, Kyneton             2019
rmbegg wall.JPG
rmbegg shoes.JPG
rmbegg shoes2.JPG
rmbegg shoes1.JPG
125th time line school history
Sacred Heart College Kyneton                 2014
Art4Ashes vessel sculptures 
Fed Square temporary exhib by RAV        2011
Full story here
Building model time line of uses 
Piper St, Kyneton                                     2011
Bushfire Memorial local version 
Barfold Hall       Full story here                    2011
School Sign front side 
Newham Primary School                          2008
School Sign rear side 
Newham Primary School                         2008
Outdoor Chapel grade 6 designs
Our Lady of the Rosary PS, Kyneton         2012,13
Stationary Faces  mosaic image tile
Bentleigh Station community project      2011
Audrey tile at Stationary Faces.jpg
Wildflower Chess game board
Kyneton Bushland Resort                        2008
Minigolf Markers  one of 18
Kyneton Bushland Resort                         2005
kbr minigolf
snakes'n'ladders  board game
Kyneton Bushland Resort                         2013
Hopsquash board game
Kyneton Bushland Resort                         2013
Labyrinth Pillar community project
Castlemaine Anglican Church                  2015
Friendship Circle and blackboard
Newham Primary School                          2008
Welcome Sign with kids drawings
Newham Primary School                           2010
Black Saturday Resilience
with kids drawings                                   33 of 36 children's homes were burned.
Redesdale Mia Mia Primary School            2010
Kindergarten entrance planter
Lady Brooks, Hutton St, Kyneton             2005
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